Jumbo Island Freezer With Crown Ends

Concord’s Jumbo Island Freezer Cabinet is in a league of its own and is known in the market as one of the best.

This efficient, quiet and robust refrigerated freezer unit has the ability to draw the shopper’s attention to the frozen products inside it and give easy access to them.

The perfect optional extra to the Jumbo Island Freezer is the inclusion of single or double riser shelves, to give additional shelf display space above the centre of the Jumbo Island Freezer.

The Jumbo Island Freezer Cabinet can be customised with a choice of internal to external colours, bumpers, nudge bars and side panels.

This model is specifically for displaying Frozen Goods.

Available in the following lengths: 8ft & 12ft & 6ft Crown Ends

  • Vertical Evaporator Coil
  • 2 x NTC Probes
  • Aluminium Ticket Rails
  • Electronic Display
  • Shaded Pole Fan Motor
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • Riser Shelves
  • Double Row Riser Shelves
  • Night Blinds
  • Night Covers
  • LED Lights
  • EC Fans
  • Electronic Expansion Valves
  • Corner Protectors
  • Dividers
  • Glass Top Sliders
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